Monday, November 15, 2004

The Reality of the Psyche

thanks to New World Disorder I've been complaining quietly to myself for feeling forced to live in my head. Perhaps I shouldn't consider it as a restriction but as a chance to develop.
...) My increasing suspicion is that traditional forms of protest, at this point, are only playing into the hands of the security apparatus. The police and military get the opportunity to test out their latest tactics and shiniest gadgets, while the corporate media finds the most incendiary images to broadcast across the US, amping up the anxiety.

...) "As counterintuitive as it may seem at first, I propose that our current environment, saturated with noise and chaos and fear-mongering, is the necessary background for attaining this supramental condition, for accepting and mastering the reality of the psyche. The new mindset stems from a fearless curiosity and hunger for truth, and a rejection of the cynicism and negative programming foisted upon it by the corporate-controlled media and current power structure.

...) The run-up to the 2012 transition appears, necessarily, as universal capitulation and collapse - just as birth is a messy process that would appear horrific to the uninformed observer. According to Calleman's study of the Mayan Calendar, the global economy - and with it, the materialist paradigm currently holding the collective psyche at a certain level of development - will collapse around 2007 - 2008."